by Emma O'Reilly

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iCEBERG is Emma's first release since 2007. Financial constraints and interaction with garageband for work inspired Emma to do an album writing and producing songs using the Garageband iPad app (although many of the vocals have been re-recorded and a few extra bits added retrospectively once the file hit the computer). It's a really varied collection, as she worked mostly with presets in whatever musical styles presented themselves. We hope you enjoy!


released May 29, 2012

Written, recorded and produced by Emma O'Reilly
Cover art by Emma O'Reilly

A massive thank you to Mike O'Reilly, Kim Bloom and Peter Baxter for letting me borrow their iPads!


all rights reserved



Emma O'Reilly Dublin, Ireland

Emma is a Dublin based singer-songwriter. Since graduating from Trinity College Dublin with a BAHons in Music she's been gigging around the country with her own material. Emma's shows are powerful, emotionally soaring and uplifting. Her music marries the fun of pop, the sultry tones of a singer-songwriter, the power of R&B and the beauty of classical music into a catchy, truly original sound. ... more


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Track Name: So?
What's this, what's this? How is it twenty to six?
God, give me just an hour, just another little hour...
There's nothing like the feeling of fatigued distress
And every day's a struggle to get up and get dressed
And every morning is just the same,
My sanity is shaken, my self worth has been taken away
It's no-one's fault, it's no-one's fault, it's just the way the world turns

I gotta steel myself and hang in there, I just gotta hang in there!

I've discovered the secret, so I'll let you all in
You can work like a slave, you can eat from a tin,
there are those who live on less
We're all rats at the races, we are tests in a tube
We are wallets and voters to the people who choose
But compared to some, we're blessed

And the days start to blur, 'till nothing seems real anymore

So wake up wake up wake up it's 6am!
It's time to get up and do it all again!

Well I gotta keep focused on the good times ahead
Because things will keep shifting 'till the day that we're dead, and it's strange
And everyone's leaving; everybody knows why
This'll be one more summer of a thousand goodbyes
And of change

I don't think I'll make the effort to love anymore...
'Cos I cannot watch just one more friend walk out the door

So wake up wake up wake up it's 6am!
It's time to get up and do it all again!
Track Name: Hear Me
There's something in this room, apart from me and you
And we won't say that we care; no, we won't admit that it's even there

There's something about your shoulders in that coat
I'd rather I'd forget it, but I know I won't
I hate that you keep your cards so close to your chest...but maybe that's the thing that I like best

Why won't you just Hear me? I wouldn't do this for just anyone.

So let's get this story straight: You hurt me, you harmed me, you filled me with hate
So why is it when I close my eyes I cannot make myself despise you?

Hear me...I wouldn't do this for just anyone.

You claim to be open minded, honest, and yeah, that's fine with me
But it all seems overshadowed by your hypocrisy
'Cause the second someone tells you you are wrong, you turn your heel, and you're singing a different song

"No, no, don't you know me at all? It's just the way I am, if you don't like it you can walk!"

I speak because I care. I tell you when you're wrong because I cannot in good conscience stand and watch you ignore your flaws and let them rule your goddamn life because you cannot open up your eyes, ears, your heart and your mind...and if you look around this room I think that you will find that there is something else in here...I think that it belongs to you: an elephant called fear.
Track Name: Going
This is my frequency, and I will stay right here
Stay out of trouble
This is my radio, and this is how it goes
Make mine a double
Maybe then my words'll slur, I'll become a different girl
Something from a magazine, something they all tell me I should be:
Ideal, but not idealistic in red lipstick

N'doo n'dah dah dah dah dum...

This is my symphony and yeah it's silent now...
but I've got it on paper
And this is what I'll take the day I bend and break
And meet my maker
Maybe then my luck'll change into something rich and strange
I'll go fathom five or ten then I'll stop and do it all again
Life's fatal, but not fatalistic, so don't blink or you'll miss it

N'doo n'dah dah dah dah dum...
This is not how this should go!
This is not how this should play out!

I'll give you anything if you can show me
how to stop breaking my own heart
and learn to be free
Track Name: Codhladh Sámh
Cogar liom, Ó ná éirigh a stóir
Tá sé dainsearach lasmuigh
Cogar liom, ná tabhairt aird ar na ndeor
Ó tá sé contúirteach san domhan mór mílteannach sin


Tá na coillte ar tine anocht
Tá deatach dubh dorcha ag fás
Níl mé clíste, no saibhir no bocht
Ach níl aon rud fagtha dom anseo

A chara, a chara, cá bhfuil tú imithe?
Tá farraige folamha eadrann anois
Súile dubha, tá gach gné duit aithrithe
Ó bháigh tú mo chara le fearg agus éad
'gus tá tú grammaithe le chéile le tairní agus téid

Ní tógfaidh mé an mílleán, níl ormsa an locht
Níor dhíol mé mo anam i gcomhair beagánín cumacht,
Ach fós - fós - tá faitíos orm go lasfinn d'aon bhflam
Ó tógfainn ar ais é, ach níl mé in ndann, tá mé dóite


Le tairní agus téid...

("Codhladh Sámh" means Sleep soundly)

Whisper with me, don't get up my love
It's dangerous outside
Whisper with me, don't pay heed to the tears
It's dangerous in that huge world


The woods are on fire tonight
black, dark smoke is growing
I'm not clever, or rich or poor
but there is nothing left for me here

My friend, my friend, where have you gone?
There are empty oceans between us now
Black eyes, every aspect of you has changed
You drowned my friend with anger and jealousy
you're held together by nails and string

I won't take the blame, the fault isn't mine
I didn't sell my soul for a bit of power
But still, still, I'm afraid I'll burst into flame
I'd take it back, but I can't, I'm burned


With nails and string
Track Name: [My soul is a] Prism
It should be simple; Shake off the sleep,
Return when you are someone new.
It can be painful; crossing the breach,
But I don't wanna just talk and not do!

I hear you calling me, it must be fate

Long ago somebody told me
"You don't have to like anyone, you've got to try and love them"
Words are so deceptive; it almost sounded easy to do
Recently somebody told me that...
"The future will work out", They said, "You've have to try and trust it"
Words are so deceptive; it almost sounded easy to do

I hear you calling me,
it must be fate!
Maybe it's destiny,
well played, west wind, well played!

Everything moves in me
My feet itch every day
A kiss for a kingdom,
A word for your heart,
Well played, west wind, well played!
Track Name: This Isn't Over
If this is harsh, well let me beg your pardon
I'll leave you dry, like leaves in my back garden
And it's not a crime, so don't make a scene
If it's not messy then why should we keep it clean?
I know the truth, so there's no point in hiding.

You're moving slow, but honey you're still moving
Although it's clear it isn't me you're choosing
But there's still a rush, there's still a heat
If it's not untidy why should we keep it neat?
I know the truth, so let go of the illusion...

So I will see you down where the earth meets the sky
I know you, you know me, and you know (this isn't over)
Until the morning casts shadows under our eyes
And we've pushed out to sea, and you know (this isn't over)