Emma O'Reilly (Tour E​.​P​.​)

by Emma O'Reilly

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This E.P. was recorded in 2007 just before heading on Tour with Frigits and Exit Evangeline (Reuben Teskey). special thanks to James, Marianne, Paul, Reuben, Sam, and ponies.


released August 13, 2007

All songs were written and performed by Emma O'Reilly, with the help of Patrick Dexter and Seán O'Gorman on track no. 4. It was produced by Reuben Teskey. Artwork by Marianne Cassidy.


all rights reserved



Emma O'Reilly Dublin, Ireland

Emma is a Dublin based singer-songwriter. Since graduating from Trinity College Dublin with a BAHons in Music she's been gigging around the country with her own material. Emma's shows are powerful, emotionally soaring and uplifting. Her music marries the fun of pop, the sultry tones of a singer-songwriter, the power of R&B and the beauty of classical music into a catchy, truly original sound. ... more


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Track Name: You Whore
Not in this version...
Track Name: The Davey Song
I can never hope to be a critic or a genius
An artist or a debater, a sculptor or a painter
'cos my inability to be coherent means more failing grades
I'm waving as I drown

I'd rather stay in bed than drag this heavy bag around the city well into the night

And I don't want to leave you, you know, he said
Let's run away to Paris, my love, he said
But we're halfway to the middle, my dear, she said
Oh blessed are the liars like lovers and beggars
Blessed are the liars like street walkers praying to God when they turn of the lights

I embody more than spirit in my counterpoint
against the book of rules, what else can I do but pick and choose
The rhythm in your feet that makes you dance that makes you sleep that makes alarms go off at nine and ten.

I'd rather stay in bed than have a mirror tell me I'm not pretty well into the night


I would rather have a melody, some tea and maybe you to make it right; to make my darkness light
I could call my friends around they'd sit and chat and that'd do, but only you
Can make navy-blue match black
Track Name: Sin City
And if you didn't want to hold me in the garden of lights, you didn't have to
And if you didn't want to take my hand and show me what's right, why give up that to
See you around

Bitter, twisted, cynical - so sweet
Dream on loverbirds - tweet tweet
Affection's far too personal - don't regret me
Dream on loverboy - come and get me

I have seen darker clouds

And if you'd shut up and listen once in a while,
you might hear what I'm saying
And if you'd hold me in prison, just like a child
you might save me from drowning,
in too deep

Find the perfect words that meet the demand of the emotion that runs through me
I'm commanding your attention - come here
I confuse procrastination with fear

Run me down, and that yellow bastard's catcalling me again...."come play in the town"


Won't you come and take my passion?
Will it blow you away?
Will you desecrate my actions while I'm wasting away, singing ahhh!

And if you didn't want to hold me in the garden of lights you didn't have to
And if you didn't want to take my hand and show me what's right, why give up that to see what sins really are
Track Name: Let's Be Honest
The stars are laid out before me, distant diamonds in the velvet of night
And I can never touch those distant spotlights 'cos I'm running and I'm dreading the dawn

So burn all you bridges, burn your bridges down
Burn, burn them to the river, burn your bridges
Through the smoke, I'm gonna scream what any teenage girl will tell you

So what if I hate the way I look? What do you care?
So what If I'm just a little shy?
There's nothing you can say to make me spill my soul to empty chairs
I'd rather write a love song to someone who isn't there

Just lay my life out before me, I want to make an editor's cut
Your smile always made me uneasy, I'll cut it out and let it fall to the floor

And I'll burn all your bridges, burn your bridges down
Burn, burning all the footage, burning bridges
Through the smoke I'm gonna scream what any teenage girl will tell you


Revolution in the eyes of a child, celebration, it's simple really